New Lambton Family Dental


At New Lambton Family Dental, we choose technologies intended to offer our patients a safer and more comfortable dental experience, help them make informed decisions through digital planning, and advance their oral health.

Our New Lambton, NSW dentists always work hard to bring the latest technologies to our warm and friendly dental clinic.

We invite you to check out some of our technologies listed below.

Air Flow Machine

The airflow machine assists with teeth cleans in New Lambton, NSW. This machine is designed to provide an easier, more efficient and thorough teeth clean. It utilizes air and water to gently lift away the plaque and bacteria that may lead to gum disease. 

Digital Dental X-Rays and Sensors

Digital dental x-rays and sensors are intended to provide a safer patient experience and better picture quality. Digital x-rays were designed to emit lower levels of radiation compared with x-rays of the past. Also, because they are digital, they may be safer for the environment because no harsh chemicals are used to develop the film. 

Patient safety is important to our team, and our dentists prefer clear oral health pictures that digital x-rays allow. 

Rotary Endodontics

Rotary endodontics is intended to give patients an easier root canal experience. At New Lambton Family Dental, we always strive to bring in technologies that offer ease of care for our patients. Titanium rotary instruments efficiently clear away infected tooth root and have been shown to produce better root canal outcomes compared with the tedious method of filing away damaged tooth and debris.

For our patients, this often means easier and faster root canal therapy.

Digital Records

Digital records are how we store vital and important patient information. This makes oral health planning and comparing changes between visits faster. Additionally, with digital records instead of paper, it is easier for our New Lambton, NSW dentists to call up x-rays and dental notes in the treatment room to share with our patients. Digital records also mean there is no paper file that may become damaged or worn over time.

Digital Impressions

At new Lambton Family Dental, we are committed to providing easier dental experiences for our patients. With digital impressions, we can scan your teeth for the creation of custom dental appliances like Invisalign and even night guards. This technology is easier on patients than the gooey moulds and pastes used in some dental clinics to take impressions of the oral structure. Our caring dentists always strive to give patients a satisfying dental experience. 

CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns and Restorations

Our dentists don't want you waiting weeks for your new dental crown, veneer, or dental bridge to arrive, and we don't think you want to wait either. In our dental surgery, we offer CEREC same-day crowns by relying on our in-house milling machine to customise a strong crown that fits your smile. 

Electric Handpieces

A better dental experience also means a more peaceful environment for you. Electric handpieces reduce vibrations and cut down on the noise. These instruments are designed to be quieter and speed up the treatment process as well. At New Lambton Family Dental, our dentists are always on the lookout for technology that brings patient comfort.

Panoramic X-Rays

Instead of multiple x-rays of different areas of your mouth, a panoramic x-ray takes a complete picture that includes teeth, jaw, joints and your sinus. These x-rays help our dentists meticulously plan your treatments and procedures in our New Lambton, NSW dental surgery. 

Panoramic x-rays also assist our dentists in diagnostics and oral health monitoring.  

Intraoral Camera

Our dentists see your teeth and gums up close at every dental visit. With intraoral cameras, you can too.

These small cameras (about the size of a pencil) capture images that can be shown to you on a monitor. This helps you make informed decisions about your dentistry and allows one of our dentists to better explain treatment plans or point out areas of concern.