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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Children's Dentistry

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Children's Dentistry

The dentists at our New Lambton, NSW practice recommend your child see the dentist around the age of three unless you have a specific concern. When kids are this age, our dentists are better able to communicate with them, and this makes the dental clinic feel more welcoming and less scary. At this age, we can show kids the instruments and explain in age-appropriate fashion what the dental instruments are all about, or we can show them that the dentist clinic can be fun.

We suggest bringing your children to our dental clinic so they can observe your dental appointment first. If mums and dads seem happy to be getting an exam or clean, this may make it easier for your child later on.

During the first exam, children ride in the chair for a laugh, and we work hard to set them at ease and engage with them throughout the visit. Our dentists do a fun exam, and our caring and gentle team gives positive attention as well.

Our team has experience with children, and we work hard to make your child feel at ease by learning what works best for him or her.

We build relationships with our youngest patients and make efforts to instil positive oral hygiene habits from the start.

If your child is ready for the first dental exam, we invite you to give our New Lambton, NSW dental clinic a call to book an exam.

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