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What Are Same-Day Tooth Crowns?

February 15, 2020
Posted By: New Lambton Family Dental

Because New Lambton Family Dental is centrally located, many patients also consider us their dentist for Newcastle and other surrounding locations.

Aside from nearby locations, we are a destination dentist for those looking for same-day dental crowns and restorations.

Tooth Crowns Defined

A tooth crown is a hollow but sturdy jacket that goes over an existing tooth or dental implant abutment to the gumline. It matches the shape and shade of your surrounding teeth.

Your dentist serving Newcastle, NSW uses dental crowns to support a tooth weakened by trauma or infection. A tooth crown also provides anchoring for a dental bridge, may conceal tooth flaws, and tops a dental implant post to stand in for your missing tooth.

Same-Day Crowns Compared with Traditional Crowns

At New Lambton Family Dental, we have an on-site lab and offer digital impressions. These technologies mean you do not have to wait weeks for an outside lab to fabricate your crown. It also means you can avoid gooey impression pastes.

Your dentist serving Newcastle, NSW typically fits you with a new crown during a single dental visit, which translates to less time away from work and family and fewer trips to the dentist.

If a specific technology brings convenience to our patients, we work to bring it to New Lambton. Your ease of care is our priority.

Caring for Your New Tooth Crown

Fortunately, dental crowns look and function like natural teeth. You brush and floss as before and visit your dentist regularly for dental exams and teeth cleans.

We also recommend talking to your dentist if you grind or clench your teeth (bruxism). Bruxism may lead to dental crown or tooth breakage. However, this condition may be treatable with a nightguard.

For Same-Day Crowns, Your Dentist Serving Newcastle, NSW Welcomes Your Call

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing to your dental health needs.